You Can Sleep When You’re Dead

Alan Cessac Pic 2“…. We were welding maintenance on a rig and had been working for almost 120 hours straight, when I looked over and saw one of the young men that worked for me, and he was asleep in the truck. I couldn’t blame him, heck we were all tired, but we had a job to do! I walked over to him, and as he woke up, he looked up at me and I said ‘Boy, you can sleep when you’re dead!’ I had another young man that approached me, and he had been working very hard, and he said ‘I think I’m hallucinating.’ I told him he’d better go lie down in the truck and rest for a couple of hours! We all look back at it and laugh now! I realize that this way wasn’t the best way to get things done, but it was the way I knew… it was the way I was raised. Hard work… you don’t quit until the job is done….” [Excerpt from a post interview conversation with Alan Cessac]


…. And so goes the success stories of many of America’s most successful men and women. That phrase resonating in their hearts and minds, “Don’t quit until the job is done.” Rest is for the weak, the weary, and those that would never find success. Now, I’m not saying that we can’t enjoy ourselves, or that we can never find rest. As a matter of fact, the quote I opened with was actually Mr. Cessac’s indictment of his early fervor to get his business off of the ground. We laughed about it, but you could tell it wasn’t a position of pride for him, rather recognition of the sacrifice it takes to accomplish something great in your life. There’s an attitude, a mindset, a heart-position that you must function from to see greatness.


How many times have we thought about doing something different with our lives aside from the mundane, the day-to-day, the 9-5 job? We’ve all thought about it, right? I know I have. I have a great friend that speaks publicly on a regular basis, and one of the things he loves to challenge his audiences to do is to be interesting. That’s not all that difficult of a challenge to make, because each of us has a longing within us to be just that… interesting. We want to be set apart from the crowd. Even when we want to be like other people, it’s usually the people who are interesting that we want to be like. So I’d pose this question… Is it the person, or that which makes them interesting, that we want to be most like?


People in and of themselves are the same. We have the same basic needs, the same basic functions and emotions. Being human is no feat in itself, but being interesting is. To be interesting we have to have a story to tell, or a feat accomplished. There must be something about our lives that causes those around us to stop, look our way, and pause with curiosity. Interesting people are successful people, if in no other way, than in the fact that they hold others’ attention. Today I find myself asking, “What can I do today to be interesting?” Maybe it’s simply showing up to work early and staying late to make sure that the job is done. Maybe it’s saving your money this time rather than spending it on something you don’t really need in the first place, so that you can invest it later. You might say, “There’s nothing interesting about those things.” To which I’d have to say you’re right. In their stages of infancy, and when taken as one sole action, they’re not interesting. However, they are uncommon, and after all, isn’t that what interesting really is… uncommon? Today you can make one boring decision in order to be interesting tomorrow. You could decide to not quit until the job is done. What job? Perhaps, just maybe, the job of becoming interesting.


Be Uncommon,


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