Why We Need Miracles

Why We Need Miracles

Why we Need Miracles Elijah Stephens Blog GraphicFinding the Answer to our Doubt


We all have doubts. Where those doubts come from is a topic all its own. But we do have them. We are looking for answers, searching. We want to believe – really believe, but sometimes we need proof. We need something real, tangible. If the proof isn’t there, we doubt.

Just like everything else that grows, doubt starts as a seed.

According to the dictionary, here’s how doubt is defined:

  • To be uncertain about something. To have no confidence about something or someone.

Doubt is a little different than unbelief. If there is a gap between belief and unbelief, then doubt is right in the middle. If you focus on that doubt long enough, you will find that you slipped into unbelief without realizing it.

How do you defeat doubt? Stop focusing on it. Start believing. Have faith.

At first, that may seem too simple, but consider something: Faith is evidence…it’s just not seen yet. Faith tells us that there is an answer to be found, even if there appears no tangible proof yet. All we have to do is believe that it’s real, that it’s possible.

Luke 11:9 – …seek and you will find.

Seeking leads to finding. If you have doubts, seek. Look for the answer – look for the proof. That’s what Elijah Stephens is doing. He’s been searching for proof – the proof of miracles. It’s bold and risky, but he’s asking the questions anyway. And he’s finding answers. If there’s proof of miracles that have happened – even if we haven’t seen that proof, but just know it’s there – it helps us believe, changes how we think about miracles, about impossibilities. It moves us from doubt into belief on a bigger scale. This project that Elijah is working on is having a much bigger impact than just showing proof in miracles. It’s showing us that we can keep believing in impossible things. Miracles do, in fact, happen. When we know there’s proof somewhere out there, we start believing there could be proof for other miracles. There’s evidence for impossibilities to happen; we just haven’t found that evidence yet.

Isn’t that called faith? Believing that there’s proof – that there’s “evidence” – even if we haven’t seen it? You see, faith doesn’t say, “There’s no evidence, but I believe anyway.” It says, “I believe there’s evidence, even though I haven’t seen it yet.”

Wow. Elijah is on to something.

People who do incredible things in their lifetimes, who build legacies worth learning from, all faced doubts and overcame them. Think about someone you admire. What does their story look like? I’m willing to bet they had to face something that had to be overcome – and they confronted uncertainty and doubt, and lots of it. They could have focused on those doubts…and we’d never know who they were. They chose to believe instead in whatever it was they were after.

Why do we need miracles? Because they tell us that believing in things that may be impossible is worth it. They tell us that what we are seeking can be found. Even if we don’t have the proof for our impossibility yet, proof is being found for others – and that gives us faith that there’s proof for ours (we may never “see” that proof, but we believe it exists).  Miracles also change our expectations. If we believe miracles can and will happen, our expectations in any given circumstance go through the roof.

It’s one thing to believe for things that are possible or likely. It’s another thing altogether to believe in miracles. It changes you…and for the better.

So, believe in miracles. Expect great things. Your legacy depends on it.

Be uncommon,



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