Your Theology is Wrong: Re-Learning Jesus

Your Theology is Wrong:  Re-Learning Jesus


Your Theology is Wrong:  Re-Learning JesusOk, here’s some basic Christianity: Love the hurting. Feed the hungry. Invest in peace. Preach Resurrection.




For some strange reason, this simple message has been convoluted into something else. It’s been prostituted for personal gain. It has become something so different, that it actually works against the very message it’s trying to proclaim.


It’s like playing that silly gossip game.


Kids sit in a circle and start with a simple statement like, “Jimmy likes Abby” … then the whispers begin. From one person to the next, the private news begins to acquire adjectives and drama, “Jimmy really likes Abby”, to the next person who adds, “Jimmy loves Abby like crazy!” To the next curious ear, “Jimmy told Abby that he loves her.” To, “Jimmy and Abby are in love” … and on and on it goes.


After 13 people, the original message, “Jimmy likes Abby” ends up sounding like, “Jimmy got Abby pregnant outside of marriage. And for some reason they both hate chocolate.”




Kind of like that.


We have been whispering our version of the Good News from generation to generation. Different churches, in different nations, forming different denominations, sharing their different version of the Gospel.


No doubt that a lot of what came out has been beautiful and Christ centered.


But I am so glad for the Bible.


Because we get to go back, read, study and regain the original information. We have official confirmation of the message. The news cannot be lost in translation.


And the Bible is as clear as day: God is love. Jesus is the Word. The Holy Spirit will remind us.


There is no interpretation required. No need for theological debate. This message is simple, it has been established and validated.


Unfortunately, we want to stick to our version of it; it’s human nature to adjust the story to accommodate our story (I have done it multiple times myself). So the Bible message, and most particularly, the Gospel message, has been whispered throughout history… and the message we hear now, does not sound like the message that was first whispered 2000 thousand years ago in Jerusalem.


Let us center this conversation with a simple statement by Brain Zahnd: Jesus Christ is perfect theology.


In other words, Jesus Christ is what God has to say.


I stand by these words.


And I will give it to you in Bible verses (words spoken by Jesus).


“Anyone who has seen me, has seen the Father.” (John 14:9).


“No one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son [Jesus]…has made him known” (John 1:18).


Or as Jesus said himself, “The Scriptures point to me!”


So as grateful as I am for the Bible, what I am truly grateful is how the Bible points us to the Word of God himself: Jesus. The Incarnation of perfection, the exact representation of who God truly is.

I’ll give you a bit more of Brian to round this off, “God is like Jesus. God has always been like Jesus. There has never been a time when God was not like Jesus. We have not always known what God is like— But now we do.”


Now, we do.


We thought God would be more powerful, more dominant, hungrier to prove Himself. But then Jesus came and he was more concern with healing the sick, and feeding the poor and befriending the worst.


When people thought lepers where being punish by God, God came around and touched them. Healed them. Loved them.


When people thought celebrities were the right people for God to use, God came around and chose fishermen, and tax collectors and prostitutes. He trained them. He believed in them. And he showed them a superior Kingdom.


When people thought that God was angry and disappointed with humanity, God made himself human. Lived a human life. Died a human death. And kept his human body.


God showed up and forgave the sins that shouldn’t be forgiven. He loved the unlovable just as much as he loved children. Instead of destroying the Romans he ended up healing their servants. And he denied the temptation of using political power to change the world.


Instead of being like we wanted him to be, he was less religious, less of a war-monger, less sectarian, less like me.


“And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14


It appears that we agree on the concept, the person and the importance of the man Jesus, but we find ourselves constantly disagreeing on the ways of Jesus. We have modified his “persona” to accommodate our current view of Him, instead of allowing his presence and his person to transform our current view of everything else.


I’m willing for perfect theology to transform the way I see him.


Are you?




“When the crucified Jesus is called ‘the image of the invisible God’, the meaning is that THIS is God, and God is like THIS.” –


Jürgen Moltmann

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