The Problem You were Created to Solve

elizabeth uncommon legacy 2“Create” the change you wish to see in the world.

We all seem to have our own filters through which we notice certain problems in the world. Sometimes the problems are noticed by a lot of people, and sometimes it can feel like we are the only ones who can really see them. What do we do with these problems that we see? Why do we “see” the problems in the first place?

Is it intentional in our design? Did God give us eyes to see certain problems so that we would solve them?

Elizabeth Bingham sees a problem in the world. It’s one that glares at her every day. It pulls at her heart and is a driving force behind her life’s motivation. The problem: Injustice.

The world is full of injustice.

I’m not saying that the world is a bad place or that injustice rules over everything. What I’m saying is that there is a problem and it needs fixing. Personally, I don’t notice the injustice in the world. I know it’s out there, but it doesn’t stick out to me. I just don’t have the “glasses” to look through that reveal it to me. But, then again, it’s not necessarily a problem that I was born to solve. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that I am not naturally bent to notice the problem or to have creative solutions to apply to the problem.

Elizabeth, though, notices. For as long as she can remember it has been something that she “sees” every day. That’s why she got a degree in Humanitarian Law. That’s why she risked her life to work for the Uganda Supreme Court to help reconstruct their constitution. That’s why she started a law firm that has helped people through immigration issues and protecting their basic human rights. There are people without a voice, and she notices. There are people who are passed over or ignored, and she notices. There is oppression in areas around the world, and she notices. She notices because it all points to the problem she was born to solve.

Because of this driving force in her life, Elizabeth has chosen a path that leads into the political sphere. From there she hopes to shape legislation and bring justice and opportunity to those who don’t have it. The political world can be a treacherous road without the proper motivation. People sometimes take that course in life because they want power and influence, or to push culture shaping agendas (whether they be good or bad), or various other reasons. Elizabeth sees it as a major opportunity to fight injustice.

She chose that path because she sees the solutions. I can’t see the solutions to those problems. I have my opinions, but no solutions.

[Here’s something to ponder: Could it be that there is a major deficiency in the world for the thing that you were designed to create; for the problem that you were designed to solve?]

What problem do you notice? What problem is glaring to you? You may be frustrated that others don’t “see” the problem like you do, or that they don’t seem to care as much. Could it be that it’s a problem that you were born to solve?

Before you allow anger and frustration to set in, ask yourself that question. “Why do I care so much about this problem?” Maybe the solution to that problem is already inside you. Maybe the world is just waiting for you to solve it.

Be uncommon,


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