The One Small Word that will Transform your Life

IMG_1401Discovering your “Passion” starts with one small “Yes”

Maybe you can’t fully define it yet, but you might agree that we all have a “passion”. It’s a buzzword for sure, but it still resonates with each of us. We’ve heard it our whole lives, “Find your passion.” “Go after your passion.” “Do what you’re passionate about.” The problem isn’t that we don’t want to do those things. If it were so simple as those small phrases make it seem, we would all be living life on a much different plane. But it’s not so simple. We hear those phrases and we get excited for a moment, but then the quiet frustration sets in. The big foggy dream that we have somewhere in our being is there, but we don’t exactly know what it looks like or how to find it. We read books about “discovering your passion”, we pray, asking God to show us the way, and we look at other people who are living their dream and wonder why we feel stuck.

I think part of the problem is that we are waiting around for a huge opportunity, that when it appears will resemble this big, somewhat vague dream that we’ve had in our heart, and we will make the big jump from our normal lives into the fullness of that dream and live happily ever after. So we wait. We wait for whatever that thing is and we say we “trust God” with it. That He will make it happen. Well guess what? Maybe He’s waiting on you to do something.

Rarely ever are big “dreams” waiting around for us to simply make one move and step into them. It usually looks like something much different, and it starts with one small opportunity and one small word: yes. “Yes” is powerful. Big dreams are made up of small “yes-es”. One at a time. Like stairs. Think about that. Imagine your life is a staircase. You see your dream at the top of the stairs and you want to reach it so bad, but you can’t figure out how to climb 15 stairs with one step. It’s just too much. So you get mad at the stairs and frustration sets in.

This sounds a little funny on paper, but it embodies the way a lot of people think. We often forget to realize that we just need to take the first step…and then the next. Each step is another yes. This diagram might help:

What we think it looks like:

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 9.54.29 PM


What it really looks like:


Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 9.54.17 PM


The steps are necessary because as you take each step you grow, and that growth is important for preparing you for whatever is waiting on the next step.

Kristen Welch is a perfect example of this. She founded Mercy House, a non-profit organization in Africa that aids pregnant girls living in extreme poverty, and empowers and employs women all over the world. It’s an amazing, powerful organization and its reach and impact are growing constantly. So who is Kristen Welch? A Pastor? A Politician? A Charity Organizer?

She is a writer.

Huh? Then how?

She started with one small yes. Eventually she said yes to starting Mercy House. Did she have any idea that this is where she would be in her life, living out a huge dream in her heart? No, but she knew long ago that she liked to write so she started there. (Hear her incredible story on the podcast!)

What can you say yes to today? That “passion” that you have is waiting to be defined and pursued. Don’t try to jump 15 steps at once. Start with one small yes and go from there.

Be uncommon,



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