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“We feel disconnected.”

“We’re really looking for a good community of people.”

“We’re looking for a group we can really do life with.”


These are all phrases that I hear, in one form or another, on a regular basis.  Perhaps not everyone feels this way, and I hope not, but I do experience these types of conversations quite often.  Admittedly, I’ve said all three of those phrases myself.


Connection is paramount to the human experience.  We all desire to be connected with other people, and if we’re honest with ourselves, we can also sense that strong internal push within us, which points us toward others.  So, why then, do we find ourselves in this state?  If it’s something we truly desire, and truly need, then why are we in such conflict between that which we desire naturally and that which we actually experience?  If connection is supposed to be a fundamental part of our humanity, then why do we find it so difficult, at times, to connect with other people?


These are all great questions, which should be asked, but I would like to pose another question which I believe to be more fundamental than that of human connectivity.  Could it be, that we feel disconnected to each other because we lack connection to that which connects us all?  Perhaps we find it hard to breach the walls of relationship amongst our neighbors because we haven’t first recognized the most primary relationship of all.  Our relationship with the father and creator, God himself.


During our recent conversation with Jeff Collins [listen here], I was reminded of how important a close connection to our God truly is.  It’s easy, for me at least, to lose my time talking about the latest or greatest theological point of view espoused from minds much more brilliant than my own.  If I’m not doing that, then it’s just as easy to find myself in a very intense relationship with my latest Netflix fascination (insert name of your current favorite show here).  The point is, I will find almost anything, even something “sort of Godly”, with which to occupy my time.  However, when the rubber meets the road so to speak, it becomes quickly evident that I’ve ignored that relationship which sustains me more than any other.  What makes me saddest about that realization is that that I know, at this point in my life, that all I have to do is ask God to meet me.  Then, right where I’m at I find myself in the middle of an encounter with the most incredible being one could ever hope to know.  It’s not hard to connect with God, it just costs something.  For me it’s usually “down time” which, with two kids and a busy life, I’ll admit that I covet greatly!


However, it’s that connection with God that always leads me towards loving better.  Loving who better you might ask?  Everyone!  I have found that my connection with God is so important that I am literally a better person just for having known him, and spent time with him!  I believe each one of us are really looking for those kinds of relationships, right?  I’m talking about the types of friends that lift your spirits no matter what’s going on around you because you know they are there for you.  That’s the kind of human connection we’re all searching for.  Those are the types of friends we want, and it’s also the type of mate we’re all looking for.


I submit to you that if you truly want to see your relationship desire fulfilled to the highest level, then take the time to get to know the one who created you for the purpose of relationship in the first place.  We were each created for relationship with God first and foremost, and it’s that relationship which gives us what we need for all other relationships in our lives.  If you’re feeling distant from your family, spouse or friends, then don’t hesitate to ask God to meet you right here, right now.  He will, of that I’m confident.  Because God is good, and he is waiting.  All we have to do is ask.


Be Uncommon,


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