Un-Learning Violence, Religion, and Government – with Brian Zahnd

Brian Zahnd Podcast GraphicUn-Learning Violence, Religion, and Government – with Brian Zahnd

Is violence necessary, ever?

Should Christians be in government?

Would Jesus agree with American Patriotism?

What would Jesus actually do?

You may be questioning what you thought was the “right” answer to these and more after this episode. Brian delves into some long standing beliefs and twisted theology to show the truth of who Jesus is and why we’ve gone so far off track. Hold on to your seats in this one.

A little about Brian:

Brian is the founder and lead pastor of Word of Life Church in Saint Joseph, Missouri, and is also a published author of such books as A Farewell to Mars and Water to Wine, just to name a few.  When not at his home church, Brian is traveling and sharing the Good News of Jesus, and is constantly challenging the status quo of what it means to really follow Jesus.

You’ll be challenged in this one.


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