The Art of Love – with Brian Peterson

The Art of LoveThe Art of Love – with Brian Peterson

The Art of Love: Brian Peterson has always loved art. He was recognized for his gift throughout his life and into college, where he studies design. As his career as a car designer took off, he let his art drift to the back-burner of his life. He hadn’t really painted in years, but he met someone who changed that…someone who was homeless. So, Brian started painting again, and what has happened since is literally changing many people’s lives.

Brian is the creator of Faces of Santa Ana, a project in which he paints portraits of those in the homeless community in Santa Ana, California and sells the paintings to help support the rehabilitation of those people. Inspired to simply love and find a way to help, Brian has gathered the attention and support of many around the country. This conversation will inspire you to use your gifts to touch the world and make a difference.

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