Real Success in Marriage, Money, Missions, & Life – with David and Stacy Whited

david-stacy-whited-podcast-graphicReal Success in Marriage, Money, Missions, & Life – with David and Stacy Whited

In This episode you’ll learn:

  • Why money is the lowest form of currency in our lives.
  • Why you should invest in your marriage…even if it’s great. (And how to do it!)
  • How to become a “professional” in any arena you’re in.
  • What the true meaning of success is.
  • How to have real prosperity in every area of your life
  • And so much more!

This episode is jammed packed! It’s an hour long, but it could have easily been a 3-hour conversation. You’ll start learning form the deep, yet practical wisdom that David and Stacy carry from the very beginning. Get ready for this one.

A little about David and Stacy Whited:

David and Stacy have an extensive background in the world of network marketing where they’ve seen tremendous success.  There hard work in this field has provided them with the financial freedom and time to devote their lives to pursuing their passions, and teaching others how to pursue theirs as well.  They are entrepreneurs who believe that you don’t have to sacrifice your marriage in order to be successful in business, and are training other couples how to be successful together.  We’re excited to share this amazing conversation with each of you,

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