Serving Refugees, Being Brave, and Believing in Others – with Scott Gore

Scott Gore Podcast Graphic

Scott Gore is a name you may not have heard before, but this guy is doing some amazing things. From leading teams into the middle East to serve refugees to running an organization that helps people fulfill their dreams, he’s making quite an impact.

Scott is part of an organization called “In-Fusion”. It’s mission is to see “Love-Reconciliation- Freedom-Hope” brought to all people groups.  By focusing on loving, respecting and serving all people In-Fusion is able to partner with people in an empathetic way to help them reach their potential and fulfill the dreams God has for them.  In short, In-Fusion is all about Jesus!  Personally, Scott has also been working with other organizations to recruit and lead teams of people going into Jordan and other areas to serve Syrian refugees. It’s a hot topic in America, today, and Scott’s perspective on it is powerful. Scott has traveled the world, and has given a lot of his life to making Jesus known in the cultures of the Middle East. His story shows us what God can do with someone who is simply willing and wants to make an impact bigger than himself.

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