Saving the World with Beer – with Quynh & Dave Rathkamp

Saving the World with Beer – with Quynh & Dave Rathkamp

Can God use beer to reach the world? Would He?

News flash: He is.

Dave and Quynh Rathkamp are the founders, and owners, of Save the World Brewing Company, America’s 1st 100% philanthropic brewery.  No, this doesn’t mean that they give away free beer, but it does mean that 100% of their profitable proceeds go toward supporting various mission organizations. From their background in the medical field as physicians, to their forray into the world of craft brew beer, their journey is engaging and intriguing, and we know that each of you are going to be encouraged by their story.  We’re excited to share Dave and Quynh’s journey and wisdom with you. God can use beer to reach the world. Listen and enjoy.

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