Risky Faith and Contagious Joy – with Daniel Hazelwood

Risky Faith and Contagious Joy – with Daniel Hazelwood

Spend five minutes with Daniel and you can’t help but catch the infectious joy that he carries. His love for Jesus and his heart for people are evident in his words and his music. But this was not always the case in his life. His journey is one we all can relate to.

Have you ever experienced pain and heartache that made you question if there was a God?

What if God told you to go to Iraq to the front lines of a war with only a guitar?

Are you willing to follow God where He leads? ANYWHERE He leads?

Real faith takes risk, and a life built on absolute trust in God produces an incredible amount of joy.

Daniel Hazelwood’s life is one of many twists and turns, leaving his faith, “searching”, finding God, and following Him.

From small-town country boy, to indie rocker, to rancher, to worshipper, to young adult’s pastor, Daniel’s journey, and the wisdom he’s gained along the way, will encourage you and remind you that the only life worth living is one in passionate pursuit of a loving God.

A little about Daniel:

Daniel and his wife Natalia are currently serving as the Young Adult Directors of Freedom Fellowship Church in Magnolia, Texas.  Before that, Daniel has traveled the world preaching the gospel and encouraging everyone around him with his contagious joy.  Daniel is a musician, traveler, worshipper and lover of Jesus, and has a very exciting and profound story to share. We hope you enjoy!


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