Replacing Planned Parenthood – with Brandi Swindell

Replacing Planned Parenthood – with Brandi SwindellReplacing Planned Parenthood – with Brandi Swindell


Planned Parenthood is a giant. It’s a “non-profit” organization that is that the leading provider of abortions in America. It gets overwhelming support from the government and a multitude of activists.


As much as the church, and countless others, have wanted to do away with it, there just hasn’t been an alternative to offer the public.


Until now.


Brandi Swindell, CEO of Stanton Healthcare, is offering the answer. And it’s amazing.


In this conversation, Brandi debunks the Planned Parenthood myth. She exposes the truth and offers the perfect solution to a broken system. You will learn SO much about how Planned Parenthood works, why it has gotten so large, and how Brandi is going to replace it.



A little about Brandi:

Brandi has been a vital force in building a culture of life and has been active in leading and organizing many life-affirming events locally and nationally.  Brandi is the founder and CEO of Stanton Healthcare which focuses on women’s health and wellness by providing abortion free alternatives to women in need.  As a woman from the post-Roe generation and a young leader in the pro-life movement, she carries a particularly important message, and she’s come to share her heart and journey with us today.  We’re excited to share this amazing conversation with each of you.

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