Being a Real Man, Finding Freedom, and Solving Pain – with Justin Stumvoll

justin-stumvoll-podcast-graphicBeing a Real Man, Finding Freedom, and Solving Pain – with Justin Stumvoll

What does it really mean to “Be a Man”?

What is the one lie that keeps people trapped in their fear?

What is the most common thing a life coach helps with…and can it help me?

How do we atop hiding and find real healing to pain?

This is such a powerful Conversation. Justin answers all these and so much more in our jam packed hour with him.

A little about Justin:

Justin Stumvoll is a Master Life Consultant who is in the business of helping people discover their true identity, and helping people live life with freedom.  Along with his friend Blair Reynolds, Justin also hosts the Liberation Project Podcast which focuses on helping men live empowered and free lives by covering topics that most men shy away from all while bravely embracing a heart of transparency.  In addition to that, Justin has also written a children’s book entitled “The Tree of Life” which focuses on helping children and adults awaken the imagination and creativity that lives within each of us.  We’re excited to share this conversation with you. We know you’ll get so much out of it.

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