Overcoming Loss and Reviving Hope – with Keith Mitzel

kieth mitzelOvercoming Loss and Reviving Hope – with Keith Mitzel


Keith and his son were riding down the road having a typical father/son conversation. Then Keith’s son said “What is this guy doing?” It was the last thing Keith ever heard his son say.


Keith’s next conscious moment after that was waking up in a hospital room.


His son didn’t make it.


Enter tragedy and loss.


How do we handle moments like these? What can we learn about the goodness of God? How do we find hope again?


If you’ve ever dealt with loss and hopelessness, you need to hear Keith’s story. It will touch something deep in your heart and open your eyes to a God who is passionately pursing you no matter what you’ve done or been through.


A little about Keith:

Keith Mitzel has an amazing story and testimony of overcoming loss, tragedy, and walking into wholeness and true identity in Jesus.  Keith and his wife Gayle own an Outdoor Adventure business in Kauai, Hawaii, as well as a roofing company in York, Pennsylvania.  In addition to their business ventures they travel the world preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom.  Keith has seen God do many amazing things throughout the course of his life and ministry. We hope you enjoy this inspiring conversation.

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