Misfit Faith With Jason Stellman


Have you ever struggled with your faith?  Have you ever had questions so big about God that you never seem to find an answer?  Us too!  We all do!  The only difference between many of us and Jason Stellman, author of Misfit Faith and co-host of the Drunk Ex-Pastors Podcast, is that he’s found the courage to share with each of us his doubts and questions.  However, even in all the questioning and uncertainty he still finds that his faith remains.  Read this excerpt from his book and then LISTEN TO THE EPISODE:


“I used to be a pastor, but I’m not anymore.  I used to have the respect of a congregation and colleagues in ministry, but I don’t anymore.  I used to be able to pay my bills, but I can’t anymore.  (In fact, the very day I had my first phone conversation with my publisher’s marketing department about this book was the day I was approved for food stamps.  Those benefits were since slashed to almost nothing.) I’m this close to saying that ‘I used to believe in God,’ but I can’t.  Call me stubborn, but I do still believe in Him..”



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