Loving Your Neighbor, Loving the Nations

Loving Your Neighbor, Loving the Nations – with Rich Rosendahl

Loving Your Neighbor, Loving the Nations – with Rich Rosendahl

Rich Rosendahl has learned a simple yet transformational way to unite the world and build relationships with unlikely people: Love your Neighbor.

Rich is the Founder of The Nations, an organization that invites people to love our neighbors and live life together, in cross-cultural contexts. Rich has developed a network of friendships among the thousands of neighbors who have moved from the Middle East and North and East Africa. He has spent years developing meaningful, genuine friendships which overcome cultural and religious barriers and allow neighbors to live life together. Through The Nations, Rich has coordinated community events, organized countless meals where neighbors with different backgrounds are engaging in dialogue, and trained and mentored others to take steps towards loving their neighbors and doing life together. Rich has also spent time with our neighbors living in many difficult places overseas, including Libyan, Palestinian, and Syrian refugee camps.

Simply put, he’s loving his neighbors. That’s what this conversation is all about. Enjoy and pass it along!

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