Love in Action and the Myth of Ministry – with Sean Ward

sean ward uncommon legacy 3

Sean Ward is not in full time ministry like we might think of it, but he is a full-time follower of Jesus. He’s building a powerful legacy in a very simple, yet profound way: love.

Sean works for a Fortune 500 commercial real estate company, and advises companies on portfolio strategy, the sale & leasing of properties, valuations, financing and much more. Over the course of his life, Sean has battled with the idea of “vocational” or full-time ministry and his life in the real estate sector. Through that time, he has seen his mindset shift from those two worlds having separate places in his life, to becoming one in everything that he does. Sean has a unique approach toward business and ministry as a way of life. He’s following Jesus into the business sphere and learning to live a life of love along the way. His story will inspire you and teach you some valuable lessons about how you view your calling and how God can use you to make the world around you a better place, simply by loving and giving.

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