Lies We Believe About God

Lies We Believe About God

Sometimes it’s easy to think we have God figured out.  We trade in the mysticism of dynamic faith for the certitude of fundamentalism and it’s in that construct of our faith that so many of us have seen our faith actually begin to die.  Our certainty, in other words, our ability to know all things about God for certain is what has led many of us to lose faith in God at one time or another.

What if, instead of grappling with what we can be certain about, we embrace a God that is bigger than we could imagine.  What if we venture to know a God that constantly changes the way we think about eternity and even how we view ourselves.  In this episode, Lies We Believed About God, we set out to explore some of the belief structures we used to hold dearly, but in the journey of our faith we’ve learned that letting go of those ideals and paradigms have actually led us into a deeper and more robust faith than we could have imagined.

We also seek to talk about some of the deeply held ideals, especially in evangelicalism, that we now view as being unable to live up to the God as revealed to us in Jesus.  We hope you enjoy!

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