Learning What God is Like…and How to Hear Him – with Brad Jersak

brad jersakLearning What God is Like…and How to Hear Him – with Brad Jersak

Does God want to speak to us right now?

Can we learn to really hear what He is saying? If so, how?

What misconceptions do we have about God? What is He really like?

You’ll get all these answers and more in this episode of the Uncommon Legacy podcast with our guest Brad Jersak.

A little about Brad:

Brad is an author and teacher, and serves as Reader at All Saints of North America Monastery.  His heart is to share the good news that God is Love and that God’s love was shown to us perfectly in Jesus of Nazareth.  Through his books and seminars, Brad teaches that anyone can learn to hear God’s voice through the simple practices of “listening prayer.”  He has also recently released a book entitled A More Christ Like God, A More Beautiful Gospel, which will chat with him about today.  Brad is full of wisdom, and loves sharing the good news of Jesus. We hope you enjoy this powerful episode.

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