Infiltrating the Russian Mob, Solving Murders, and Following your Passion – with Bob Bogue

When it comes to police work, Bob Bogue has seen it all. From stealing cars while undercover in an underground Russian crime ring, to solving one of the worst murders the city has ever seen, to being a hostage negotiator; he truly has been all over the map in the world of law enforcement. Aside from the crazy, unbelievable stories that Bob tells, he also shares some timeless wisdom about following your passion and “growing where you are planted.” Bob, has seen many promotions over the years, each with a new set of cool stories, along with a new level of responsibility and leadership. His approach to life, success, leadership, and serving will change the way you look at police work. This interview was one of the most impactful we’ve ever had on the podcast. We hope you enjoy.

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