How to Transform a City: Leading by Serving – with Sheri Silk

How to Transform a City Leading by Serving – with Sheri SilkHow to Transform a City: Leading by Serving – with Sheri Silk

Sheri Silk has had quite an impact in church culture in Redding, CA and even around the world. What might be more impactful, though, is her influence in the culture outside the walls of the church.

Here’s a little about Sheri: She travels as a powerful speaker and serves as the Director of events for Jesus Culture. She is also the co-founder of Loving on Purpose, a ministry dedicated to teaching people how to build strong relationships and to live empowered to love. Through that organization Sheri and her husband are having a huge impact on families and communities worldwide. Before moving to Sacramento to join Jesus Culture, Sheri was the General Manager of the Redding Civic Auditorium, serving the Redding community while managing events such as conferences and concerts. How that became a reality is a powerful story that will teach you a lot about blessing your community.

Sheri’s story teaches us that we don’t all have a calling to serve just in the church, and that we can change the culture of the cities we live in using one powerful strategy: serving.


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