Guiding Others Toward Success with – Brock Shinen


Who is Brock Shinen? He may be the most knowledgeable person we’ve ever had on the podcast. Ok, that might be a bold statement, but seriously, this guy knows his stuff. An attorney in the business and entertainment industries with a background in clinical psychology, Brock has worked with groups like Jesus Culture, Bethel Music, and Lance Wallnau, just to name a few. He is also the host of the popular, Cognipop Podcast, where he shares invaluable knowledge and insight into business, entertainment, intellectual property, and personal development. He is a man of many talents, from running a successful law firm, to writing novels, to personal and business coaching. (Where does he find the time!) In this episode, Brock relates to us how he followed a course in life that led him to such a unique position of influence and he shares with us incredible wisdom and applicable advice that we can apply to our lives right now. It’s timely and needed. Listen here.


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