From the Mountains to the Nations – with Tracy Evans

tracy evans i reachTracy Evans is the founding director of iReachAfrica, a non-profit organization committed to reversing the cycles of poverty, disease and death in Mozambique, Africa. Tracy, and her team at iReachAfrica, are spreading the Good News in Mozambique by planting churches, building clinics and schools, and saving orphan infants whose moms have died. Tracy is a Physician’s Assistant by profession, and has seen her qualifications in the medical field open many, many doors into countries to which she might not otherwise have had access. Tracy has served in 64 nations over the past 33 years, establishing development initiatives in third-world nations recovering from war, poverty or natural disasters. Tracy shows us that being a “missionary” is much more than what we think and how we all can change our cities and the world from right where we are. You will get a ton out of this conversation. We hope you enjoy!





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