From Pauper to Prince – with Kris Vallotton

12038515_1010613268990309_6362252260039020090_nFrom being an associate pastor in a small mountain town in California, to traveling the world as a sought after speaker and author, Kris Vallotton has been all over the map. His life has gone from depressing depths to soaring heights and everywhere in between. If you want a lesson on discovering your identity and following God into impossible situations then you are in the right place. Kris was terrible at writing, now he has written several best sellers. Kris was trapped in cycles of fear, now he speaks to world leaders and brings hope and freedom to thousands. He shares with us the power of learning your true identity and that with God leading you, you can literally do anything, even the impossible. You won’t believe some of the stories he shares with us. This episode will have you laughing and crying, and it will help you to see yourself through a new lens. We hope you enjoy.

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5 thoughts on “From Pauper to Prince – with Kris Vallotton

  • Jessica Roberts

    This was awesome. Every time I hear Kris Vallotton speak it makes me want to know the Lord more deeply. It’s almost like you can taste The Lord, you can feel him in Kris. I’m never left disappointed after listening to Kris, just hungry for more of Jesus. I know there is more and I need it!

    • Jeremy Box

      Thanks so much for listening Jessica! We had such an amazing time speaking with Kris, and for the very reasons you just mentioned. There was a tangible love of Jesus present in the room with us, that challenged us and encouraged us at the same time. We’re so honored to have had Kris join us, and we’re just as honored that you decided to tune in. If you have time, please listen to some of our other episodes of some other amazing people. Some you may have heard of, while others you probably have not. We’re working hard behind the scenes to bring quality stories from all over culture and society. We want to awaken hope in each other’s lives by sharing the stories of those who are building uncommon legacies! Again, thanks for joining us and we look forward to hearing from you again.

    • Jeremy Box

      Are you talking about the TED Talk he mentioned in our podcast with him? If so, it’s by Brene Brown and you can find that at this link:

      If that’s not the one you’re looking for, Kris recently did a blog post about shame which he state in our interview with him that he derived a lot of his concepts from the Brene Brown TED Talk. Here’s the link for Kris’ blog:

      I hope this helps to answer your question. If it does not, then please let me know and we’ll try to get you connected with the right material. Thanks so much for listening to our conversation with Kris. We hope you enjoyed it, and we’d be honored if you would check out some of our other amazing guests as well!