Embracing Grace and Choosing Love – with Amy Ford

Embracing Grace and Choosing Love – with Amy FordEmbracing Grace and Choosing Love – with Amy Ford

Embracing Grace and Choosing Love: Amy Ford was a model teenager. She went to a Christian School and grew up knowing all the right things to do. Her world was flipped upside down when she became pregnant. A teenager with an unplanned pregnancy – she used to judge girls in this situation before; now it was her reality. Amy’s journey through that led her to choose love, defeat shame, and embrace grace. Today she is helping other women do the same.

Amy is one of the Co-Founders of Embrace Grace, a “Pro-Love” Organization whose mission is to help every girl, or woman, with an unintended pregnancy to have church community for spiritual, emotional and physical support.  Embrace Grace not only ministers to women who are facing the challenges that come along with unintended pregnancy, but is also actively teaching and encouraging the church to be the place that provides the care, and love, that each woman deserves. Her story and the story of Embrace Grace will teach you some valuable lessons about unconditional love, and truly supporting and helping those around us in need.

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Her Book: A Bump in Life

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