Discover your Dream, Write Your Future – with David Gregory

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“Dinner with a Perfect Stranger wasn’t published until I was in my 40’s. Don’t give up. If you haven’t achieved international fame by the time you’re 25, or 45, or 65…you are not a failure. As long as you are doing something that is serving people and adding meaning to their lives, it’s important.”

David Gregory is a New York Times Bestselling author, having published several books, ghostwritten others, and written for several organizations. It would be safe to assume that David has always been a writer, or at least always known that he wanted to be a writer. But that wouldn’t be accurate. David was headed for a long career in the corporate world and didn’t realize his dream until he was well into his “career”. His journey teaches us a powerful lesson about discovering and following your dream. No matter your age, this will conversation will speak volumes about what can happen in your life if you take a chance and create that which is in your heart, whether it’s a book or something else entirely. You’ll also get a glimpse of David’s crazy journey of going from self-published author to New York Times Bestseller. It’s quite a story!

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