Daddy’s Method – with Ravi Kandal

Daddy’s Method – with Ravi Kandal


Ok, first off, you might be asking, “What is Daddy’s Method”? It’s a good question. And the answer, if you’ll explore it, might completely change your life.


Ravi Kandal’s story is nothing ordinary. The path he took to get where he is today is one of many twists and turns, drug-dealer mentors, searching for the one true God among thousands, confounding gurus, performing miracles, and being a light in spiritually dark places…among many other things.


In a season of his life, Ravi was led by God to read over 700 books on psychology. God was teaching Ravi something. That something has brought emotional healing to many people, including multi-millionaires with extreme anger issues, people who’ve been internally wounded because of external abuse, and so many more. That something is called Daddy’s Method, and you need to hear about it.


What is the peace that passes understanding? What does that really mean?


Why do certain memories cause sadness and anger every time we remember them?


Can that change?


Listen to this powerful conversation to learn more.


A little about Ravi:

Ravi Kandal, along with his wife Julie, are the founders and directors of Kingdom Foundations, an organization that has a passion for sharing the love of Christ in India and abroad. Ravi has spent years helping the poor and disenfranchised population of India, and has an astute prophetic gifting as well. His journey is full of incredible stories and encounters, some of which you may have seen in the Father of Lights film by Daren Wilson. We’re excited to share this amazing conversation with each of you.



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