Life as a Comedian, Director, and Ragamuffin – with David Schultz

David Schultz Podcast GraphicLife as a Comedian, Director, and Ragamuffin – with David Schultz

Ever heard of Rich Mullins? Do you know his story?

What about Brennan Manning?

What is it like trying to success as a comedian, actor, or director today?

What do comedy and the gospel of Jesus have in common?

David answers these questions and more in this episode. You’ll learn some valuable wisdom about comedy, honoring others’ stories, detoxing from religion and so much more.

A little bit about David:

David is a filmmaker, actor, author, and follower of Jesus.  Most recently David has written and directed such films as Ragamuffin, the story of the life of Christian artist Rich Mullins, and Brennan, the story of the life of Brennan Manning.  David is an accomplished actor and comedian with appearances on many recognizable films and shows.  He has also written a book entitled “Sinners, Saints, and the Furious Love of God.”  Most notably in David’s life, is his passion to bring the Gospel of Jesus to everyone he meets by using his talents and gifts to serve others.  David has lived a very interesting life, and we know each of you will be impacted by his story.

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