Coaching Leaders and Finding Your Destiny – with Michael Brodeur

Michael Brodeur Podcast GraphicCoaching Leaders and Finding Your Destiny – with Michael Brodeur

In many churches, 20% (or less) of the people are doing 100% of the work? Why is that?

What are your primary giftings? How do you know where to apply them once you find out?

How do you position an organization to grow? What about one that has stopped growing?

Michael Brodeur has the answers to these questions.

Michael is one of the founders of the Vineyard Church in San Francisco, CA. He’s authored the books, Destiny Finder and Revival Culture, and is the founder of It’s a tool to discover your destiny through finding out your primary ministry gift and how you function best in service, work and relationships. Michael also works with Global Legacy, which provides resource and support for thousands of leaders, churches and organizations around the world. Michael is ALSO the founder of, a tool used to mentor equip pastors to lead the next generation into their purpose.

There is so much wisdom covered in this episode. Enjoy.

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