Championing Identity in Others with – Jim Hodges

uncommon jim hodges 2Today our guest is Jim Hodges. Jim is the founder and president of the Federation of Ministers and Churches International, also known as FMCI. FMCI is a relational network of five-fold ministries, local churches, chief musicians, intercessors, marketplace leaders, and compassion ministries that share a mission to extend the Kingdom of God and to empower and equip the local church to reach its fullest potential. They are connected with churches and ministries across the US and internationally. Jim has been in ministry for a very long time and has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share with every generation. We are honored to have him with on the show. We hope you enjoy our conversation with Jim Hodges.


Book Recommendations

Not Many Fathers – Mark Hanby

Christs Victorious Kingdom – John Jefferson Davis

The King and You – Bob Mumford

Last Days Madness – Gary DeMar

Unto Full Stature – Devern Fromke

Through New Eyes – James Jordan

Resources Recommendations

FMCI.ORG – Lance Wallnau – Gary DeMar’s

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