Be the One: The Power of Being Willing – with Steve Sexton

10312420_10152161760034611_2819557406253461104_n“God is looking for those who will partner with Him.”

Diagnosed with ADHD, abandoned by his parents, labeled a goofball who was terrible in school, Steve Sexton was given a dismal expectation for where his life was headed. Today, he is an accomplished author, speaker, and teacher and shares a powerful message with young people across the country. His secret to success? Being willing. Steve is the founder of Be the One Ministries, an organization that seeks to lead people into a partnership with God and to take responsibility to change the culture around them. Steve is a living example of what he teaches. His story is a reflection of the statement from Isaiah in his response to God, “Here I am. Send me.” Listen to this powerful conversation here.

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2 thoughts on “Be the One: The Power of Being Willing – with Steve Sexton

  • Linda

    ABSOLUTELY marvelous story how God shaped Steven to have a purpose. He shared some things about his life that totally spoke to me. Like what he said about being a coach you have to hold the latter wirh encouragement! That’s powerful!! I like how he shared his story it unfolds like opening up a gift to see what’s inside. Steven comes out of the box with readiness of what God can do if you have purpose & passion with your story to do something with it. Love what he said about the “House”!.Stevens story is saying… God knows the end from the beginning! God knows the end from the beginning :))