Addicted to Redemption Feat. Justin Sweeten

Addicted to Redemption Feat. Justin Sweeten

Have you ever encountered the homeless community?  If you have, then you know it can be a life-changing experience.  You are immediately forced into an experience with people who aren’t coming from the same place in life as yourself.  In that moment, you must make the decision to accept them or to reject them because of the prejudices you’ve built in your own mind.  Thoughts like “It’s their fault”, “Why don’t they just get a job”, “They need to change their own circumstances”, “They’ll just use my money to buy drugs or alcohol” enter your mind.

Our conversation with Justin Sweeten meet those prejudices in our hearts and minds head on.  In this episode, you will be challenged to re-think how you feel about the homeless community and to engage in the works of Jesus to bring justice to this community.

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4 thoughts on “Addicted to Redemption Feat. Justin Sweeten

  • Karla Redus

    Another great podcast!
    1. “Some people might call that irresponsible” when talking about Justin being saved 5 months and leading CHOP…. Justin gets Jesus more than people that have been saved for MaNY years. So let’s say we were partnering with the Holy Spirit to empower Justin to be who he was created to be.😉
    2. Justin you are handsome… tatoos, crazy beard, beautiful smile and all. You look just like Jesus.
    3. Thanks for the kind words guys! We are so excited to know y’all and to partner with y’all. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules to share at CHOP!

    • Jeremy Box

      Thanks so much Karla! We love CHOP and Compassion United. It’s such a life-giving environment, and I know that I can’t wait to join each time I get the chance.

  • Lisa Roitsch

    Amazing interview! Wow! Thank you for sharing your story and life Justin😍 I love your quote….”there are no bad days….”. You are so right! Only days where we encounter more of His grace – cuz it is sufficient for us all! You inspire me Justin – to live more, love more and to keep running with Jesus! ❤️

    • Justin Sweeten

      Thank you so much. It’s truly amazing how much we really need each other through this process of life. I love you very much Lisa.