Living in the Tension between Creation and Redemption

Living in the Tension between Creation and Redemption


Living in the Tension between Creation and RedemptionBy Jared Stump


In a fallen world, pain is a reality. None of us escape unscarred. We often feel out of place, searching for somewhere to belong. There is something inside of us that craves redemption, because we were made in the image of a God who is at work redeeming creation. He is making all things new, inviting us to rip up the scripts that we have been handed and re-write our lives into more beautiful stories. The only problem is, there is often a disconnect between the stories we tell and the stories we dream of telling with our lives.


This is the first paragraph on the back cover of my book, Creation & Redemption, which I wrote at the age of nineteen. I had just graduated high school and was trying to figure out where I fit in the world, just like most millennials at that age. I had been a writer in various forms since I was ten, so I decided to write a book about my day-to-day experiences over a nine-month period. Far from a trite memoir or journal, this book became an exploration “through the catacombs of life’s mundane moments and into the heart of God for a generation.” as my friend, Daniel Hazelwood, put it.


There is a certain tension to life that we see at the beginning of The Story. Adam and Eve, the first humans to walk this earth, lived in perfect relationship with God; their connection to Him was unbroken before sin entered the scene. We all know what happened next, but to cram a few thousand years of theology into a single paragraph, Jesus died and rose again to reverse the effects of the fall and re-connect us to the uninterrupted exchange of Life with the Father that Adam and Eve enjoyed in the beginning.


As we comb through the Gospels and Paul’s letters to the various churches that were springing up across Asia Minor in the wake of the resurrection, we find that the work of the cross in defeating sin and death is, for the most part, spoken of in the past tense. I noticed this in high school and began questioning why the effects of death are still so prevalent in the world around us if they have been fully defeated through the cross? Enter the tension.


Creation & Redemption is not a book about answers; it’s a book about questions. It’s a book the pain and agony of life, but also about how God is making all things new and giving us a glimpse of the redemption that is to come, right here in our everyday lives. When God’s redemption touches our lives, it frees us to hand in the stories we’ve been living and begin writing a new story grace and freedom, as we experience more and more of the love of God and give it away.


If you’re ready for a taste of eternity in the here and now, pick up a copy of Creation & Redemption and join me on the journey to the living the life you were destined for:

Join me here.


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