Porn, Jesus, and the Future

Jon Beadle 2Porn, Jesus and the Future:


The capturing of the imagination is the key to the future. Donald Rumsfeld once said that the attack on Pearl Harbor was the result of a lack of imagination, and the inability to prevent such attacks, as the twin towers are the result of a lack of imagination. When you examine the world around you, there are parts lying on the proverbial landscape waiting to be put into coherent structure. When one thinks of the way advertisement works, the battlefield is clearly in the mind and especially in the imagination.


As a teenager, I was obsessed with pornography. I knew this was wrong but was daily captivated by the images I would behold. But it was long before I clicked on the images that I discovered the playground of my imagination. And this is what I learned since Jesus healed me of that dark addiction: pornography destroys the imagination. By “destroy” I don’t mean make useless but to merely make use for only one thing: perversion. Now, I am not saying this to make anyone feel bad! I simply bring this up because the imagination is God’s invention. Perversion is simply defined as the wrong version. The question is: what version do you allow to take up residence in your mind?


When Jesus was raised from the dead, the Jews at that time understood that there was going to be a great resurrection of the dead, but that would happen far in the future. What is striking about Jesus is that He did his resurrection ahead of the expected time! Jesus enacted something before it was supposed to happen: a type of life that was supposed to be available once they were dead, not while they were still alive!


Jesus was doing something unexpected, and far be it for us who claim his name to do anything less.


Jesus was demonstrating the way things would be when the new heavens and the new earth were going to establish. And we who are His people are to also live in this way, demonstrating to the world around us that is currently living in death that we are the foretaste of the new world, living in life (Galatians 1:4). Jesus also enacted this with baptism, when those who profess faith stand before the people and participate in a water burial and as they come out, claim the new life.


As I was delivered from pornography addiction, a new way of seeing the world came over me. The life behind this one began to take shape. I began to ask questions like, “What if this person who is sick was healed by Jesus? What if my brothers joined me in my passion for the gospel? What if the community around me received Jesus the way in which He would want them to?”


The problem of thinking of the truth without this “what if” mindset is clear in our own history where men and women argued for slavery to continue by using the Bible! Now, if these men and women would have simply asked themselves, “Will there be slavery in the new heavens and the new earth?” then the answer would have been an emphatic, “no!” and they would have done what was reasonable to rid the land of slavery. Our role on earth is to ask such questions.


And this is what I ask you, the reader, to ask yourself: What would it look like in your job, marriage, family or church for the Kingdom of God to come?


The answer to that question may prove to be life changing.


– Jon Beadle

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