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[The following is an excerpt from SEEC Magazine, Volume 19, Issue 4, August/September 2015, taken from the Article, “Time for Issachar”, by Marty Gabler.]

–Secure A Generation

In 2008 we passed through a portal in time. There will not be any “going back to the good ol’ days.” We must now make the “good new days.” There is a surefire way to not end up in fear of the future. If we create the future in alignment with the purposes of God, there will be no need to fear it. We cannot allow a future to be created for us by people who do not have a biblical worldview. Our children are a message that we send into the future. (Could that be why so many fear the future?) If we impart to them trans-generationally (which is biblical principle) they will secure the future for the Kingdom of God as did Joseph, David, Issachar and Daniel. Weeds grow but children must be raised. If we don’t have it, they don’t get it. What Abraham had, Isaac got. What Isaac AND Abraham had, Jacob got and they are his twelve sons that are the nation of Israel. The future doesn’t happen, it is built by preparation in the now. Some are trying to secure economics, secure real estate and secure borders for the future but we must secure a generation. The future will not be secured by videos and pizzas. While many are crying out that the church is only one generation away from extinction, I would cry out that the church is only one generation away from dominion in the earth. (Jesus said that He would build the Church and that what He built would not see the gates or authorities of hell prevail against it. The Church is not at the point of extinction if that is true.) If we have no faith that we are going to be able to draw out anything from our bank account, it is because we know that we have not put anything into it. If we have no faith in the coming generation it is because we have either neglected to impart to them or we have not had anything to impart to them. We’d best get ahold of something worth imparting. Failure to impart to a generation results in loss that can only be calculated on an exponential scale. We don’t want them to have to dig themselves out of a hole before they can go forward. –

End Excerpt-


Building a legacy is all about imparting to the next generation. You can do amazing things, and make a lot of money, and be successful at this thing or that thing, but if none of that is ever passed along it is pointless. Legacy can be expressed as the foundation on which a solid future is built. If your focus is on the foundation you are building for those who are coming behind you, then the future is secure.

We can grow on our own, but it is a slow, difficult process. However, if we partner with someone who has gone before us (in any given field, or just life in general) the growth happens exponentially, not just 2X. It’s true with fathers, mentors, and apprenticeships. It seems we were designed to function at our most optimal level when we are working in tandem, together. This is a universal principle that has been proven time and time again.

You can only go so far into the future (Maybe 80 – 90 years from the time you were born), but if you are partnering with the coming (and going) generation(s) then your reach is much farther than that. The bible says in Proverbs 13:22, “A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children.” I’m not sure if you noticed, but that covers three generations: yours and the next two; and it’s not just talking about money. Think about how things would change if people’s vision went two generations into the future (especially in the church!). If ever there is a future that embodies the power of legacy, it is that one. We can fear the future, or we can build the future by partnering with the generation behind (and ahead) of us.

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P.S. I strongly encourage you to read the article from which the excerpt above was taken. It’s called “Time for Issachar” and it is about knowing the times and seasons that we are in and about how the purpose and will of God in the earth does not change because of these times. It is powerful and worth the read. Read it here:



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