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How the Pursuit of Guilt Free Starbucks opened the Door to a much Bigger Dream


Ever since Emily was young, she had a dream to travel, speak and empower women. She wanted to lead and mentor them in some capacity, but she wasn’t quite sure what that looked like or how to make it happen. Can you relate to that? Have you ever had a big dream that you had no idea how to make a reality? (Hand raised here.) Well, real life happens. Real family happens. Real bills happen. At some point, our dreams get easily buried in the day-to-day routine of making life happen and making ends meet.


Enter Starbucks. Starbucks coffee is delicious. It’s also expensive. If you’re raising three kids and living on mostly one income then spending $5-$7 on a coffee when the kids need clothes for school (and food every day, for that matter) isn’t really a wise financial decision. But Emily loves coffee (Hand raised here too). So, an opportunity comes across her path that may provide a way for her to get this delicious, not-so-cheap coffee and not feel bad about it.


Multi-Level Marketing. Woohoo! Doesn’t that get you excited?! Yeah, me neither. A friend told Emily about a multi-level marketing company called Jamberry. Maybe you’ve heard of it. I won’t go into the whole story here. (Go listen to the episode on the podcast to hear it!) But I will tell you that she was hesitant at first. Big surprise there, right? Well, soon after starting, things took off for Emily. She began to build her team and her business, and she began to grow in her capacity to handle it all. Long story short, she now has built a team of over 5, 000 women. Guess what? She leads them. She mentors them. She’s getting opportunities now to travel and speak and empower them. She is literally realizing the dream in her heart. Her success has also opened the door for transformation on a family level. Her husband has the freedom and means to pursue dreams that have been in his heart, too and their kids are learning what it’s like to live empowered and without financial strain. It’s a beautiful transformation, and because of how Emily has grown as a person and leader in all of this, her capacity to dream has grown, too.


Opportunities like the one Emily had are presenting themselves to us all the time. How can we learn to grab them and run with them even when our first reaction is one of hesitation? Maybe it’s saying “yes” because we just want a little extra cash. Sometimes a little yes can lead to something big. Big dreams don’t come to realization overnight. They start with one small yes at a time. God has already given you a built-in road map of sorts to realize the dreams in your heart. He put certain desires within you so that as you pursue those little things they will eventually lead to something big. You don’t have to set out to build a 5,000 person team tomorrow. Maybe just go after the few extra dollars needed for that coffee you want.


Did God give Emily a taste for expensive coffee because He knew she had a dream to mentor women? Wow, crazy to think about, isn’t it? What does the door to your dreams look like? It could be one small “yes” away. Who knows, maybe it’s guilt-free Starbucks.


Be uncommon,


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