Don’t Limit Yourself to Your Dreams

danny silk 4“I’m so thankful that the Lord didn’t limit me to my dreams.”

Danny Silk was working at a local grocery store in his hometown of Weaverville, California as a meat cutter. After getting saved at 21 years old, his goal was to eventually own that grocery store and turn it into the best grocery store in the world, and as a result, bless the community. That was a pretty good goal. In his zeal to serve Jesus, he was going to take what he had and do something amazing with it. I have been there myself and know how that feels. For a meat cutter in a grocery store, owning and running the grocery store probably seemed pretty lofty at the time. Nonetheless, Danny was set out to make it happen because “with God all things are possible.”

I happen to believe that statement: “With God all things are possible.” But what is “possible” to God, and “possible” to us doesn’t mean the same thing. What if God’s dreams for us and our dreams for ourselves don’t match? Let me explain. When I was 21, I had some pretty big dreams. I would daydream and look off into the future and imagine what my life would be like when I reached those dreams. One day, however, when I was 25, God spoke to me through a man that I respect and admire. He said, “The dreams and aspirations in your heart up to now are not big enough for where God is going to take you.” After hearing that, I was wrecked. I thought I had some pretty big dreams, but what I didn’t realize is that I was actually limiting myself to my own dreams by focusing on them and trying to figure out how to make them happen. I was putting myself in a position that would have taken me down the wrong path. I began to realize that God is a much bigger dreamer than me. I let go of my lofty dreams and let God lead me toward His dreams for me. Since then I have grown more, experienced more, learned more, and have connected more than I ever thought I would. And the journey is still in the beginning.

Go look up Danny Silk. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Maybe you came across,, or the several powerful books he has written, or one of the many messages he has spoken, or the YouTube videos of him sharing wisdom on relationships and raising children. As you can see, Danny is not running a grocery store in a mountain town in Northern California. Although his goal was to bless and transform his city through running the best grocery store in the world, he is actually having a much bigger impact on a nation, and even into other parts of the world. I guarantee Danny would not have envisioned what his life has become now when he was 21 and cutting meat. God saw it and was gracious enough to not let Danny settle for his own dreams for himself.

Now here’s the thing. Danny learned things in that grocery store. Somehow, whatever he was learning was preparing him for the next season of his life, and that next season for the next. I personally don’t know how cutting meat in a grocery store prepares you for becoming a relationship expert, but God does. Part of the path for Danny’s life was to work there, but it was only a stop along the way. Maybe you can look at your current circumstances and position and relate to Danny. It’s okay to dream from where you are. Just remain open to the truth that God has way bigger dreams for you.

This I know for sure: whatever God’s dream is for you, you can bet it will be bigger than you. He loves us too much to let us limit ourselves to our own current vision. So dream bigger. You don’t have to have a clear picture of what the future looks like, just get rid of the barriers and limitations of what it could be. Trust me, it’s going to be much more enjoyable.

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