Do THIS Before You Set Goals for the New Year.

duncan smith 1What gauge are you using to measure yourself?


Recently, I heard something that shook me and shattered an old way of thinking that I didn’t realize I had. It completely changed my perspective on setting goals and going after big things, and how I see myself. I am not one to shy away from dreaming. I love doing it. Imagining what my life will be like when huge goals are met is a common thing for me. A man I admire and respect was speaking recently and said this about this coming year:

“We will be going to the next level of everything this year.”

The next level.

Well, that’s exciting.

But…what does that mean??

I immediately started thinking about what the next level looked like for me and my current goals/projects. Before I got too deep into thought though, this same man began to use an analogy to explain the gauge we use to measure ourselves, and why it matters when going to the next level.

It went something like this:


“I have two gauges in my garage that I use to measure air in tires. One I use for my four-wheeler; the other I use for my truck. The one I use for my four-wheeler only measures up to 14 psi. The one I use for my pick-up measures up to 60 psi. No matter how much air is in a tire, the air gauge I use for my four wheeler will only show up to 14 psi. So if my tire has 30 psi, that gauge will show 14 psi. I can’t use that gauge for my truck. It doesn’t have the capacity to measure something that large. It will never show anything above 14 psi. I have to use the gauge that goes up to 60 psi.”


There is a profound lesson in this. We all have gauges by which we measure ourselves. We set goals by these gauges. We have the capacity for HUGE potential within us, but sometimes our gauges only show a fraction of that, and we think we are maxing out our potential. We tend to limit our potential by what we think we are capable of. I know I am guilty of this.

If you want to make on impact on the world around you start by shattering the glass ceiling on your own potential. Set goals that are bigger than you; goals that require God intervening; goals that require an expansion of your capacity. But before you do that, change the way you see yourself. You are designed for GREATNESS. If we only saw how God sees us we would be ashamed at how low we think of ourselves, and that we shoot way lower than our true potential.

So, prior to setting goals for the new year, change the gauge by which you measure yourself. You are capable of doing IMPOSSIBLE things, and your capacity is way bigger than you think. (The best way to understand the gauge you use to measure yourself is to realize at what point things seem impossible – that is the ceiling you need to break.) You have the creativity and resourcefulness of God within you. So dream big this year, and no matter how scary, ACT on it. Take one step into something great…and then another.

Be uncommon,


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