Changing your City with Breakfast Tacos. 2

11717534_10207692614379598_940056563192896877_oLuke Redus did not feel a calling, as we might say, to serve the homeless. He did not want to start a “ministry”. What he did feel, however, was a caring. All he knew was that he cared about the homeless and just wanted to help. So he started with something simple, achievable, and effective: Breakfast tacos. He didn’t know anything after that, and didn’t plan for anything more, really, but he knew he could do tacos. So $27, two 3 lb. bags of tater-tots, five dozen eggs, 200 flour tortillas, and some aluminum foil later, he and his family are driving around the streets of Conroe, TX looking for those who were hungry and possibly homeless, with nothing more than a desire to give them a warm, tortilla-wrapped breakfast. There was no other agenda.

Compassion United was born out of that impromptu, Saturday morning mission to give away some free food, and the organization follows the same belief to simply give. This organization wasn’t planned. It wasn’t decided one day that there should be a homeless ministry in Conroe, and Luke knew just how to build it. No, it was just built out of a desire to help, a care.

So, what did breakfast tacos turn into? Here is a list of what Compassion United is today:

Hosanna House

Compassion Coatrack

Freedom House


The Shelter Church

Food Pantry


Conroe House of Prayer

And more…


It has become the most impacting ministry in Montgomery County, and it’s still growing…


What do you care about? Rather than waiting around to fall into your “destiny”, why not start with something you care about, and do it just because you care. God has placed desires within your heart, woven into the fabric of who you are, so that you will just go and fulfill it, you have to. It’s amazing the capacity to grow that is hidden within those desires. Luke’s story is a perfect example. God knew that Compassion United, and thousands of homeless, often forgotten, people were waiting on the other side of those tacos. What’s waiting on the other side of your caring?

Maybe what you are called to do is not some elusive thing that you are destined to reach one day. Maybe it has a lot more to do with something you care about right now, or even something you’ve always cared about. It’s that simple. Rather than figuring out your calling, figure out your caring and do that. You don’t have to build an entire organization tomorrow. Just start with breakfast tacos.

Be uncommon,



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2 thoughts on “Changing your City with Breakfast Tacos.

  • Terri Lewis/Griffin

    Just Want to Say that Luke and Family do Sure a Great service and every one else involved like Terri Watts and so on…If their is some thing I Can Do or help with jus let me know. I don’t have transportation but I Do have two legs….lol My Number is 936) 701-8391

    • Jeremy Box

      It’s true! Luke, and his entire family, do incredible things for the people, and city, of Conroe! We’re honored to call him a friend, and would love for you to help us spread the word about what Compassion United, and all that it entails, is doing to help people. We believe their are a lot of communities that could greatly benefit from the model that Compassion United has created.