It was two years ago, and it took 15 minutes to change my life.   “They hate us for our freedom!” “Why don’t we just nuke them until the sand glows?” “Their book tells them to kill us!”   Each one of these statements has been said to me, by […]

Letting Go Of Fear

  2016, the year that will live in infamy!  I can’t remember any other year in which every person I encountered readily admitted their excitement for the new year.  Isn’t it interesting that humanity, even with all our diversity, can experience things in many different ways yet end up with […]

2016, Enough Said

How God Comes Through for Us   “…Christ in you, the hope of glory.” – Col. 1:27   Have you ever read that scripture? I have many times, but I never fully realized what it means. “Hope of glory” is often interpreted as “hope of eternal life in heaven some […]

The Hope of Glory