I believe that some of the greatest secrets that we can uncover are found behind the veil of prejudice. They are hidden in the places that we dare not look. We’ve been trained not to. In fact, the secrets themselves are woven into those areas. As our prejudices fall, the […]

The Hidden Secrets

People have suggested many times that I teach classes on fiction writing, either on my own or in an educational setting, such as at a college or community college. I’ve considered doing that, but I’ve never taken the plunge. Why not? Well, several reasons, perhaps, but the biggest may be […]


Pursuing Excellence in your Current Position Bob Bogue was 17 years old and entering the cadet program for the Garden Grove Police Department in Garden Grove, CA. He had a dream to be a police officer ever since a policeman visited his “Teens and Law” class in high school. The […]

Promotion Follows Passion

“What name does God call you?” August 12, 2014 is not a date I’ll soon forget. It was the first time that someone asked me the question, “What name does God call you?” To say that I thought the question was a little odd would be under-selling my sentiment at […]

What’s My Name?

And How to Recognize it When it Comes   Opportunity. What is it, really? What does it actually look like? How can we learn to recognize it? These are the questions I began to ask myself after our interview with Miche Traina. He was offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and could […]

The Anatomy of Opportunity

Orphans in Suits Is God with You at Work?   Work. We all do it. (Most of us, anyway) It’s a major part of our lives. We spend half (or more) of our waking hours during the week doing it. Its purpose? To make a living. Provide an income. If […]

Orphans in Suits

Multi-Level Mentoring: How the Pursuit of Guilt Free Starbucks opened the Door to a much Bigger Dream   Ever since Emily was young, she had a dream to travel, speak and empower women. She wanted to lead and mentor them in some capacity, but she wasn’t quite sure what that […]

Multi-Level Mentoring