(un)common legacy is a multi-generational community who believes that seemingly common people are constantly building uncommon legacies. Our goal is to help close a communication gap that exists between generations by creating opportunities for people to share their life stories, advice, successes, failures and dreams. There are so many incredible […]

What is (un)common legacy?

Orphans in Suits Is God with You at Work?   Work. We all do it. (Most of us, anyway) It’s a major part of our lives. We spend half (or more) of our waking hours during the week doing it. Its purpose? To make a living. Provide an income. If […]

Orphans in Suits

Porn, Jesus and the Future:   The capturing of the imagination is the key to the future. Donald Rumsfeld once said that the attack on Pearl Harbor was the result of a lack of imagination, and the inability to prevent such attacks, as the twin towers are the result of […]

Porn, Jesus, and the Future

Multi-Level Mentoring: How the Pursuit of Guilt Free Starbucks opened the Door to a much Bigger Dream   Ever since Emily was young, she had a dream to travel, speak and empower women. She wanted to lead and mentor them in some capacity, but she wasn’t quite sure what that […]

Multi-Level Mentoring