Jeremy Box

FORGIVENESS One of my favorite stories in the Bible is found in John 8. Do all of you Bible scholars know which one I’m talking about yet? I’m paraphrasing here, but in the first half of this chapter, the writer is telling us about the religious leaders (Pharisees) of the […]


Walter Brueggemann, the famous Old Testament scholar, puts it like this (from his book Mandate To Difference): “…God is in solidarity with the most vulnerable and most needy in society, which in ancient Israel includes orphans, widows, prisoners (p. 3).” “He (prophet Jeremiah) is convinced that if the city refuses systemic […]

We Were Not Allowed to Lament

It was two years ago, and it took 15 minutes to change my life.   “They hate us for our freedom!” “Why don’t we just nuke them until the sand glows?” “Their book tells them to kill us!”   Each one of these statements has been said to me, by […]

Letting Go Of Fear