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Andy MasonOrphans in Suits

Is God with You at Work?


Work. We all do it. (Most of us, anyway) It’s a major part of our lives. We spend half (or more) of our waking hours during the week doing it. Its purpose? To make a living. Provide an income. If you’re lucky your work is an avenue to change and improve the world for the better. If you’re like the majority, your work, although possibly fulfilling, is meeting more basic needs. For many of us “good Americans”, we go to church (where we are sure God is, of course) on Sundays, then we go out of the church, where we apply those good principles and God-ideas to our everyday lives. But what if God wants more? What if He wants to be just as present in our lives outside of the church as we perceive He is inside of the church?


Let’s re-think work. What if God is genuinely interested in your work, and even wants to be a part of it? After a conversation with Andy Mason, I had to ask myself that question: “Is God with me at work?” Now, the good Christian answer, is “Of course, He’s with me everywhere.” But to re-think that question, what I should ask is, “Is God partnering with me at work?” Am I including Him in my decisions and allowing His creative input? Am I aware of His presence and peace when I’m at work? Are my decisions and His decisions the same and are we walking them out together? It’s much more than just applying Godly principles and practicing good leadership. It’s an active partnership.


God cares about the details. If it matters to you it matters to Him – even your work. Not all of us are called to stand behind a pulpit for a living. For a long time being a minister was perceived as a higher calling than everything else. Our jobs as non-ministers was to go out and work and support the “ministry”. Now, this may sound a little absurd when it’s written out, but it captures a subconscious mindset that has been present in the western world for a long time. In recent years that mindset is shifting. The emergence of the “7 Mountain” thinking and the “marketplace movement” (look up Lance Wallnau) are evidence of that. But taking the seven mountains is more than just filling those spheres of influence with good principles, ethical practices, and biblical standards.


The big picture on this is that God wants to partner with us outside of the church. We aren’t all called to be “missionaries”, traveling to Africa, solving world hunger and digging wells. Those are great things and should never be downplayed, but I’m sure if we lower our religious goggles we might see that God wants to reach the “orphans in suits”. He wants to be with you…at work. Transforming a culture and scaling the mountains of influence starts there.


Be Uncommon,



If you can relate to this and want to learn more about what it means to partner with God in your work, then I strongly encourage you to get a copy of Andy’s book, God with You at Work. Also, for some real life stories and examples of what it looks like to have God with you at work go to HeaveninBusiness.com and read the blog section. See below for links.


Book Recommendations

The Bible, 1 chapter per day of Proverbs
Anything by John Maxwell.
One area that we all need to grow is relationships.  So, read “Keep Your Love On.”
Emotional Intelligence
7 Habits of Highly Successful People

Andy Mason Links


heaveninbusiness.com/ (Heaven in Business)
idreamculture.com/ (Dream Culture)
ibethel.org/gti/about (Global Transformation Institute)
Here are the titles to his books:



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