2016, Enough Said


2016, the year that will live in infamy!  I can’t remember any other year in which every person I encountered readily admitted their excitement for the new year.  Isn’t it interesting that humanity, even with all our diversity, can experience things in many different ways yet end up with the same thought about a given year and that being, “Is 2016 ever going to end?!”


I’ve seen so many hilarious memes and GIFs about how 2016 treated us, and how happy we are that it’s finally come to a close.  You know which ones I’m talking about right?  They went something like this:


This year provided enough, shall we say, interesting moments to last most of us a lifetime.  While I laugh about it to myself it’s really only to keep myself from crying over the hard times that we experienced in this past year.  I’m sure each of us could easily expound on who had the tougher year, and I’m certain I wouldn’t even come close to competing with some other stories that would surely pour in over this topic.


But that’s not what we’re about here at Uncommon Legacy.  We’re about the whole journey!  We’re about taking a look at pieces of our journey and seeing how it has impacted the whole of our life, and ultimately how it’s helping us to leave a legacy that impacts the world around us long after we’re gone.


With that in mind we can view a year like 2016 with a different type of lens than every social media post that seems to be trending.  We can choose a posture of gratefulness for what happened this past year, rather than mere relief that the year has ended.


2016 certainly brought its share of challenges, but one thing I’m personally grateful for is the clarity that this brought to me and my family.  This past year provided a tension between who I’ve always been and who I’m becoming like no other year I’ve ever experienced.  Tension is an interesting thing, isn’t it?  It’s not something that most of us desire or even welcome, but without it we lack the capacity to expand.  Expand what?  Our understanding, our finances, our knowledge, our love!  It’s because of tension, and year’s like 2016, that we will be able to see more clearly and move forward with more confidence.


As this year ended it’s as if the fog has lifted, and I can see clearly once again.  Have you ever experienced moments like that?  You know, those moments when you realize that you don’t need to keep searching for your future, but it takes a simple recognition that your future, calling, destiny (or whatever you’d like to call it) is already in front of you if you’ll just lay hold of it.


As Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is at hand…”, and with that lies 2017 and your future.


So, I’d like to challenge each of us not to review 2016 with disdain, but to look for those pockets of gratitude for what she produced in our lives.  The tension provided to us by this past year might just be the very thing that becomes a catalyst to the future that you’ve been looking for.  The fog is lifted.  The smoke has cleared.  The future is now.  The Kingdom is at hand!


Be Uncommon,



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